Bespoke range of solutions

Every step of supply chain is 100% handled and managed, underlined by a global synergy. Outsourcing your logistics will give you more time to focus on your core business and take advantages of proactive, flexible and efficient solutions, coupled with a strong tracking.
  • Cross docking
  • Stock management : FIFO, BBD, batch numbers, full tracking
  • Scanning order picking : all types of barcodes
  • Picking from sales unit (item) to homogeneous parcel / pallet
  • Kitting, copacking
  • Quality control products
  • Delivery of your products directly to your customers, through the most economic mode of transport and network
  • Reverse logistics : return management and after-sales service
  • Online tracking / follow up on your stored goods (24/24) and possibility to upload excel data files
  • Transport organization to France and Europe
  • Bespoke solutions

  • 25 000 sqm of highly secured warehouses
  • ICPE 1510, 1530, 2662 and 2663 (“Installations Classées pour la Protection de l’Environnement), waste sorting
  • 27 500 pallet positions (80x120cm) and more than 3500 sqm of mass storage
  • Fire protection: detection by laser beams, sprinkler network, …
  • Heated warehouses ( NFPA norm, approved by APASAD)
  • Anti-theft and anti-intrusion protection
  • A team of professionals ready to go with our customers, in particular an IT team for specific development between our WMS and your back office (e-commerce solutions).
  • Full EDI (orders, delivery notes, invoices, …)

Préparation de commande aux entrepôts de Prévoté Logistique 
2 warehouses with ideal locations:
  • PREVOTE LOGISTIQUE (Méru) : South-west of Hauts-de-France and close to Paris
  • MAGELOG (Soissons) : south-east of Hauts-de-France and close to Paris and the vineyards of Reims area.
  • Authorized Economic Operator Security-Safety (AEOS) certified and approved by French Customs
  • Bonded warehouse : a full service for your shipments from all over the world, with freight forwarders partnerships
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • ISO14001:2015 certification
  • Warehouse certified for food-processing industry products
25 000 sqm of warehouses
Online stock follow-up 24/7
27 500 pallet positions
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