PREVOTE teams are devoted to their customers in order to bring them SATISFACTION, PRESERVE the environment and GUARANTEE health and safety.
  • Tender department with multi-skills for both logistics and transport activities, able to understand, adapt, advise and conceive logistics and transport solution
  • Matching each customer’s needs and particularities
  • Customer-focused teams
  • Sustainable trade relationships based on respective trust
  • Close attention to the development of quality and tailor-made services

Astre groupement de transporteurs européens
  • Independent regional leader : reliable alternative to bigger logistics groups
  • Member of well-known, strong and experienced networks, such as ASTRE. Possibility to match all the transport and logistics needs, in France and abroad.

Systematic controls on provided services to ISO 9001:2015 norm

Formation des conducteurs sur simulateur
  • Safety on people and goods are our 1st priority
  • Safety is a just and correct measure of our performance
  • All our teams are aware of rules respect regarding transport and logistics
  • Drivers are trained and have a continuous follow-up by 4 trainers. They also have a “roadbook” related to their activity.
  • Regular challenges measure and award their performances
  • Our Safety/Security Adviser supervises the respect of dangerous goods regulations
  • Secured building with alarms, access controls and videos
  • Fire-protected buildings and submitted to ICPE regulations (Installations Classées pour l’Environnement)
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Security and Safety (AEOS)

eco friendly initiatives:
  • ISO 14001:2015 on logistics activities
  • Voluntary and proactive initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, including official initiatives lead by ADEME
  • Last generation trucks and vehicles (Euro 6) for clean and quiet vehicles
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